Anton Popov


Obstetrician-gynecologist, a homeopathic

Chief physician gomeopaticheskoy clinic “Popov”

Candidate. honey. Sciences, President of the Association of Homeopaths Ukraine, Member of International Homeopathic League (LMHI), Chief Editor of “Journal of Homeopathic Medicine.”

He graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Kiev Medical Institute in 1984. Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1985. Improvement: “Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology” KNIIPAG 1987 “Current issues of Obstetrics and Gynecology” KGIUV 1989 “Suchasnі ASPECTS klіnіchnoї farmakologії” KDІUL 1995; Specialization “Organіzatsіya i upravlіnnya Health Protection” Ukrainska vіyskova medichna akademіya 2011.

Education Homeopathy: Homeopathy Center of Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 1992, Austrian homeopathic school in 1994, the Institute of Homeopathy (Kiev) 1996. Participation in seminars T.D.Popovoy copyright, G.Zhurzha (Romania), D.Granzhorzha (France), Andre Pelligrini (France) and many others.

Since 1992 has been teaching homeopathy: courses, seminars, and workshops. Participated in all the National Homeopathic congresses, many foreign forums. I have more than 50 publications, including monographs: “Kiev homeopathic school” (in collaboration with D.V.Popovym, T.D.Popovoy). By a two-volume guide on homeopathic Endocrinology, popular science book “Homeopathy is not for everyone,” published in Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania. Author of three inventions of treatments and diagnostics (in collaboration).

Specialization in the homeopathic treatment of endocrine disorders (thyroid, diabetes, mastitis), gynecology (cycle disturbances, infertility, endometriosis, abnormal menopause), various forms of allergies, including asthma, autoimmune diseases, psychosomatic diseases (vegetative syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression).


Doctor Joseph I. Savitsky (grandfather)

Doctor Joseph I. Savitsky (grandfather)

Any, the smallest thing starts with the person. Wants you to be seen for what you really are, and better understand what you do.

I was born on January 22, 1962, in Kiev. It happened on Monday morning, and if you believe in omens, caused a constant need in the workforce.

As a child I dreamed of being an astronaut is not, military or firefighter, and, of course, not a doctor, but the driver junk cars. If I missed her morning visit (about 6 am), the day was considered lost, despite the exhortations and encouragement of parents. The best propaganda in favor of the medical profession served homemade homeopathic first aid kit. And yet, I well remember the words of my grandfather, that a doctor can not make a career joining the ranks of the Communist Party, and using their knowledge and art. With a show of indifference, to tease my parents, I became a student of the Kiev Medical Institute.

Family Sawicki (grandfather and grandmother)

Family Sawicki (grandfather and grandmother)

Medical profession had almost stopped hobby of amateur theater, which offers a way to the scene. Artist I did not, but acting lessons came in handy for a psychological analysis and understanding of other people.

Since 1984, I started my medical biography. The advantage of youth was that it allowed to work the whole day, off duty at the clinic and conduct operations homeopathic method. It was hard, physically exhausting, but incredibly interesting work. Operating sisters were well aware of obscene expressions and homeopathic patients require subtle psychological approach. And then, and another was a real school of life needed a young doctor. Health and illness, life and death, were concrete concepts that require thinking, knowledge, perseverance and courage. Need for art manifested itself in two small books of poetry.

The beginning of “perestroika” instilled in me gave hope to get rid of the degrading “medical pyatiminutok” and salaries, enough for tank of gas for a used “Eight.” After 10 years spent and the operating table and on homeopathic reception, I got a lot of experience in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. After collecting the necessary

J. Savitsky among hospital staff

J. Savitsky among hospital staff

amount of money, I opened my own company, and for a time felt a free man, but other than stubbornness had not the slightest understanding of business.

In 1994, the year I was able to protect the long-planned master’s thesis on the use of homeopathic treatment in official medicine. I hope that in homeopathic studies, I remained faithful to scientific style – the search for arguments instead of emotion.
Devoting only homeopathy, I appreciated the view Damian Vladimirovich Popov is one medicine, the physician should be aware of the disease in each case, to be operations that need to be treated by means of

Damian V. Popov with his grandson

Damian V. Popov with his grandson

general medicine, where the use of homeopathy. Many years later, I try to pass it now to his students.
Since 1992, I tried my hand as a teacher in one of the scientific seminars. After two years of my editors and I played in the first book of “Kyiv homeopathic school.” In 1995, with the help of colleagues, etc. Popova was renewed issue of “Journal of Homeopathic Medicine,” which was published in the Ukraine at the end of XIX, the beginning of XX century, has since 15 years, I am honored to be the editor of this publication.
Since 1999, it was time for me to “social activity.” As Chairman of the Association of Homeopaths of Ukraine, I try to maintain a classical trend in homeopathy. The association does not become a bureaucratic appendage of the Ministry of Health, and holds a real job, including Congresses homeopaths Ukraine. Since

My grandfather, my mother and I

My grandfather, my mother and I

2001, together with a group of like-minded people on the basis of the existing training center of the company was established “Institute of Homeopathy ‘, a program that complies with international standards of homeopathic education.
In 2004, I discovered a new page in the biography – Center for Homeopathy in Vilnius (Lithuania). European conditions of forced to learn foreign languages, study psychology of other people, which, in turn, gave a new experience and new ideas in healing. Since the book was written “Homeopathy is not for everyone” in Lithuanian. A year later, it was reissued in the Ukraine, and later in Russia.
Then my interests turned to endocrinology, where the use of homeopathy is often especially effective. Thus,

The father in the form of actor

The father in the form of actor

we have established professional guidelines for doctors two volumes of “Homeopathy in Endocrinology”, published in 2005 and 2007.
Scientific and social work has always been for me just fine addition to homeopathic practice. I never forgot about his patients, who themselves have taught me not only the therapeutic art, but also wisdom. So my autobiography can not be separated from any of my teachers, nor of the students, nor of my patients, which was held by life.

Often patients and colleagues asked the question of the effectiveness of homeopathy. After 28 years of practice, I can make a preliminary conclusion – it is effective in the hands of a professional. In this case, every year there are more difficult cases, patients from which “refused” conventional medicine, people with no diagnosis, with unpredictable reactions to chemicals. The test is given to the work force – it’s okay.

Mom on the background flood Dnipro

Mom on the background flood Dnipro

Healing of body and soul is always going to Bozhim fishing, we are not the creators of miracles, but only by their witnesses, if you deserve a miracle with the patient. For me the high honor is the Order of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Agapito Cave II degree, which I received with the blessing of Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine in 2010.

Finally a few simple rules that I was able to follow the last 10-15 years. 350 days a year, I’m doing morning exercises (“Five Tibetan pearls”). 3 times a week I play hockey. And yet – do not allow myself to have poor quality products.

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dfd2a688a6And a little poetry ..

Хочу сказать спасибо
Всем, кто меня обидел.
Им благодарен, ибо
В них я себя увидел.

Хочу сказать спасибо
Всем тем, кто не помог.
Ведь если помогли бы
Я б ничего не смог.

Хочу сказать спасибо
И за обман и лесть.
Иначе я бы ни был
таким, каким я есть.

За ваше нетерпенье
Которое терплю,
Презренье, как прозренье
Я так благодарю.

9df8e4fe0aЗа униженье славой,
За страсть к дешевизне…
Я думаю – вы правы.
Вы мног дали мне

Что точно попадали,
Что били в глаз, и в бровь.
Спасибо, что продали,
Так просто – за любовь.

 Хочу сказать спасибо,
Вы в памяти свежи.
Вы точно камень. Глыба,
Управшая с души.