Homeopathic Pharmacy Popov

One of the first private homeopathic pharmacies in Ukraine. The idea to unite homeopaths and homeopathic pharmacy owned by the legendary Kyiv doctor Demyan Vladimirovich Popov. implement this idea failed his grandson, Anton Popov, in 1995, creating a medical center and pharmacy homeopathic Popov (before 2004 st. People’s Militia 2). Today Popov Homeopathic Pharmacy and medical center are located on the right bank of st. Garmatnaya 21/30 (metro “Shulyavka”) and on the left bank st. Builders 30 (Metro “Darnitsa”).
We manufacture and sell homeopathic drugs from raw materials of leading European companies homeopathic (Staufen-Pharma, Dolisos, Boiron, DHU).

Staff pharmacies, pharmacists and pharmacists have extensive experience in the homeopathic pharmacy, pharmacy works closely with doctors homeopathic clinic.
We offer a wide variety of monotherapies and guarantee the production of drugs for the classic (Hahnemann) method, according to the nomenclature of homeopathic medicines. There are wholesale deliveries.

In trading rooms №1 and №2 pharmacies open museum exhibitions devoted to homeopathic treatment and homeopathy in the history of Ukraine.

Homeopathic Pharmacy Popov on the results of independent testing among pharmacy and pharmaceutical business, is one of the 50 best companies producing medicines in Ukraine. We got a medal “Leader in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products 2012” on a uniform definition of the official national program leaders of the real economy “Business rating”. Homeopathic Pharmacy Popov awarded bronze medals. The evaluation was conducted by independent ekseprtami by examining 50 indicators of statistical and financial reporting among the 300,000 enterprises in Ukraine.

Homeopathic Pharmacy Popov

  • Str. Garmatnaya 21/30, Kiev. +3 8044 (501-93-85),
  • Str. Budivelnikov 30, Kiev. +3 8044 (503-58-35).

E-mail: appopova (a)