History of Homeopathy in Ukraine (Foreword)

The history of homeopathy in Ukraine deserves careful examination. Let’s hope that in the future there will be enough time and inspiration for this work. We must perform it correctly, convincingly in scientific terms, to indicate the original sources. We should verify the information and to describe the opinion of various authors. No doubt that moving forward, progress in the science and practice of homeopathy, impossible without a proper relationship to our “historical memory”. I want to recall well-known facts and gradually light up the dark spots of history”. It is obvious that for the proper writing of the history of homeopathy in Ukraine has come the right time.

Following a common historical logic, the history of homeopathy in Ukraine should be viewed in several stages.

The first stage is the pre-revolutionary period, when we have abundant evidence in the form of magazines, books and archives, because it was possible to openly publish during the Russian autocracy. As is known, the Russian Empire partially admitted the legal status of homeopathy.

The second stage is homeopathy during the Bolshevik terror and Soviet power. About this period remained minimal number of documents. Homeopaths were working in difficult conditions, often illegally. Thus, it is useless to seek any public information, with the exception of manuscripts and letters from personal archives.

Finally, the third period (1987-1989) started since the first official homeopathic offices, outpatient clinic and Center of Homeopathy Ministry of Health of Ukraine was founded. It was also when the government of Ukraine adopted the bill No. 365 (1989), which is a certain way legalized and regulated the status of homeopathic therapy and pharmacy.

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