А. Popov: History of Homeopathy in Ukraine part 2 (during bolsheviks and soviet power)

Homeopathy in the Ukraine During the Terror of the Bolsheviks and Soviet Power

Contrary to popular belief, the Bolsheviks are not directly banned homeopathy. But the Soviet government has created unacceptable conditions for the homeopathic pharmacies and the work of the homeopathsShort period of New economic policy (NEP) has created certain illusions about the revival of private medical practice for homeopaths. But even the terrible consequences of famine of the 1930‘s and the Stalinist repression has not reduced the total number of homoeopaths. But homeopaths have had major problems with the legalization of its medical method. They lost the opportunity of public speaking, contacts with mass-media. In addition, the Ukrainian homeopaths could not communicate with the global homeopathic community politics because of the cold war held in the Soviet Union. The leadership of the cities by the number of homeopaths is gradually becoming Kiev (before it was Odessa). The biggest problem for homeopaths in the period of the so-called period of the “era of stagnation– a ban on training, publications, organization of scientific societies, as well as the limited range of medicines homeopathic pharmacies. However, it was during this period Demian Popov created the preconditions original theoretical direction – Kiev homeopathic school.


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