A. Popov: the History of homeopathy in Ukraine Part 3 (modern history)

Modern history of homeopathy in Ukraine

With the first trend of “perestroika” the Ukrainian homeopathy has made an important step forward, which has yet to be adequately evaluated and studied by historians. It is the foundation of a first homeopathic clinic for outcome patents. Furthermore 1989-1994 the Center of Homeopathy existed by the patronage of Ministry of Health in the USSR. The main activities of the Centre were identified: homeopathic practice, the training of homoeopaths, the publication of homeopathic literature (especially periodicals) and international cooperation.

Center of Homeopathy established publishing house “Damian”, and published his own magazineUkrainian homoeopathic journal,” which existed in 1992-1994. In the Center worked over 30 homeopaths. In the 1990s a similar development was observed also in other cities of Ukraine, the number of homeopaths increased rapidly. 

Thus, there were years favorable for Ukrainian homeopathy, when she took a big step forwardlegalization of homeopathic practice, as well as homeopathic training.


Noteworthy is the first book about homeopathy in the Ukrainian language. It’s a book by Tatiana Popova “Sketches of homeopathy” (published by “Naukova Dumka, ISBN 5-12-000343-5, 176 pages in paperback). The book was published in 1989 with a circulation of 100.000 copies, which in modern terms would be considered fantastic.

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