Jurnal_logoIt is the only homeopathic journal, which came out in the past in the Ukraine from 1900 to 1914. It was published in Kharkov, Odessa and Horol (Poltava region), edited Yevgraf Jakovljevic Dyukova. Judging by the content of the journal, he was educated and very enthusiastic person, a homeopathic classical direction. For us is very important symbolic link beginning and end of the century, when the problems of homeopathy were so different and at the same time surprisingly the same, so we can not talk about the “rebirth” of the magazine, which occurred in 1995, and the continuation of its release. At the moment, the only Russian-language edition of the periodical in the field of classical homeopathy. Today’s “Herald” supports and develops the already established tradition. This focus on basic and applied research in classical homeopathy, modern studies, covering only “homeopathic world,” Learning and homeopathic pharmacy, as well as homeopathic veterinary medicine. The newspaper also has a practical focus, putting on their pages pathogenesis of drugs, talking about the homeopathic treatment of certain pathological conditions. “Bulletin” published by the organizational support of the Association of Homeopaths of Ukraine, the Association gets it for free through their regional organizations. The publication is published twice a year. The magazine has two forms of registration – in print (A5, 100 pages) and in electronic form (including CD-ROM). Files have the form PDF (Portable Document Format), they are convenient to read using Adobe Acrobat.

You can read some of the journal “Bulletin of homeopathic medicine” as PDF, here