Everybody’s guide to homeopathy is series of chapters on common ailments and their homeopathic treatments:

  • allergies,
  • insomnia,
  • angina,
  • headaches,
  • vertigo,
  • cough,
  • biliary colic,
  • intestinal colic,
  • renal colic,
  • cystitis,
  • bleeding,
  • suppuration,
  • neuralgia,
  • sciatica,
  • fever,
  • diarrhea,
  • injuries,
  • seasick,
  • insect bites.

Everybody’s guide also offers chapters on some system diseases and their homeopathic treatments:

  • anemia,
  • vein’s diseases,
  • heart’s and blood vessels problems,
  • joint’s diseases,
  • menopause,
  • prevention of vaccine-induced complications.

The last section of everybody’s guide describes some mental disorders:

  • anger,
  • sadness (depression),
  • irritability,
  • fears,
  • stress and its effects.

Although more and more people are becoming well unknown about homeopathy, many diseases can’t be treated at home, in those cases consultation with professional homeopath is necessary. We should remember that no isolated part of the body can be sick alone, the various symptoms evolve from one enduring weakness. Homeopaths have always stressed the importance of assessing the totality of the person. Majority of prominent symptoms in evidence are chronic or acute flare-ups of a recurrent problem. So, before using a homeopathic remedy we advise to learn more about it in the special literature (Materia Medica).
Everybody’s guide to homeopathy is series of chapters on common ailments and their homeopathic treatments:

  • allergies,
  • insomnia,
  • angina,
  • headaches,
  • vertigo,
  • cough,
  • biliary colic,
  • intestinal colic,
  • renal colic,
  • cystitis,
  • bleeding,
  • suppuration,
  • neuralgia,
  • sciatica,
  • fever,
  • diarrhea,
  • injuries,
  • seasick,
  • insect bites.

Everybody’s guide also offers chapters on some system diseases and their homeopathic treatments:

  • anemia,
  • vein’s diseases,
  • heart’s and blood vessels problems,
  • joint’s diseases,
  • menopause,
  • prevention of vaccine-induced complications.

The last section of everybody’s guide describes some mental disorders:

  • anger,
  • depression,
  • irritability,
  • fears,
  • stress and its effects.

Although more and more people are becoming well unknown about homeopathy, many diseases can’t be treated at home, in those cases consultation with professional homeopath is necessary. We should remember that no isolated part of the body can be sick alone, the various symptoms evolve from one enduring weakness. Homeopaths have always stressed the importance of assessing the totality of the person. Majority of prominent symptoms in evidence are chronic or acute flare-ups of a recurrent problem. So, before using a homeopathic remedy we advise to learn more about it in the special literature (Materia Medica).


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ALLIUM CEPA – profuse watering discharges from eyes and nose. Worse from heat (indoor), better from cool air (outdoor).

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM – allergy to the cold and wet weather or climate (rain, fog).

APIS – swelling, burning, stinging of skin, which became pale or purple color. Worse from heat, better from cold. Allergy to honey, a strong reaction to bee stings.

DULCAMARA – runny nose, worse on the fresh air.

GRAPHITES – runny nose, worse from the smell of flowers.

IODIUM – skin rash. Increased sensitiveness to iodine.

KALIUM IODATUM – allergies reaction of skin, mucous membranes, joints.

LEDUM – itching, burning, skin tightening. Increased reactions to mosquito bites.

NATRIUM MURIATICUM – chronic runny nose, sneezing attacks, coughing, choking.

SPIGELIA – runny nose or dry coryza with sneezing.

URTICA – rash with itching and burning, runny nose, asthma.


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ACONITUM – sudden onset of fever, bright red color of throat.

APIS – pronounced swelling of the tonsils, the process initially appears on the right side. Tonsils are pale-purple color.

BARIUM CARBONICUM – slowly increasing pain and swelling. Inflammation without pus.

BELADONNA – strong common reaction to angina, sore throat appears rapidly.

DULCAMARA – sore throat provokes weather changes from heat to cold.

HEPAR SULFURIS – tonsillitis after cold drink, food, cold weather influence.

KALIUM MURIATICUM – white coating on the tonsils.

LACHESIS MUTA – angina on the left side (or moves from left to right one).

LYCOPODIUM – angina on the right side (or moves from right to left one).

MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS – tonsils are dark-red color.

PETROLEUM – purulent angina, with hoarseness.

PHYTOLACCA – pain from throat irradiates to the ears.


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CHAMOMILLA – shot sleep because pains, frustration, anger (especially children).

CIMICIFUGA – extremely changeable sleep and mood of life.

COFFEA – very hard to fell asleep because excitement (as after strong doze of coffee).

GELSEMIUM – insomnia because excitement, anxiety about the future.

IGNATIA – very hard to fell asleep due negative emotions. Sadness, melancholy. Palpitations of heart.

IODIUM – nervous irritability, palpitations, lack of weight (hyperthyroidism).

KALIUM CARBONICUM – awakes up in the night 2-4a.m. because some painful symptoms.

NUX VOMICA – awaking up before the time really need for. Psychical irritability, chronic fatigue syndrome.

VALERIANA – bad sleep due an emotional exhaustion, anxiety, nervousness.

HEADACHE (migraine):

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AESCULUS – feeling that a head would burst (pressure on the brain).

AGARICUS – headache with a sense of ice needles, trembling.

ALUMINA – chronic headache with nausea and vomiting.

AURUM METALLICUM – headache accompanies with red face, high blood pressure, feeling a rush of blood.

BELLADONNA – sudden migraine, pain severe. Face is bright-red, dilated pupils.

CACTUS – headache with sense of strong compression of the head.

CALCIUM PHOSPHORICUM – headache schoolchildren, students. Pain worse after school lessons and from tight caps.

CAMPHORA – the feeling of pulling the rope head, coldness of the body.

CAPSICUM – worse from any slightest movement (holds head in his hands).

CIMICIFUGA – pain locates in the left side of the head. Headache worse before menstruation. Pain provokes from hunger.

COFFEA – pain locates in «one point», headache accompanies with excitation.

CUPRUM – headache with spasm and twitching of eyes.

EUPHRASIA – headache with runny nose and inflammation of the eyes.

GELSEMIUM – pain appears suddenly, very strong. During headache feeling as if a bandage around head.

GLONOINUM – headache with trembling, rush of blood to the head, cold body, lowering blood pressure.

IGNATIA – very changeable pain. Usually headache provokes by coffee, alcohol, stimulants.

KALIUM BICHROMICUM – pain locates at «one point» with disturbances of vision.

MELILOTUS – pain accompanies redness of the face. Amelioration from epistaxis.

NATRIUM MURIATICUM – chronic migraine, in the form of attacks. Paleness of face, sadness, emotional exhausted. Desire for salt.

OPIUM – pain with dark-red face, the inability to move.

PETROLEUM – pain after riding in the truck, also provokes by smell of gasoline.

PLATINA – migraine in the form of severe attacks, with nausea and vomiting, better from open air. Pains gradually starts and runs.

SPIGELIA – pain migrates all over the head.

THUJA – headache resistant for allopathic remedies, locates at «one point». Worse after contact with damp and rainy weather, after drinks.

VALERIANA – pain provokes by rest (better from motion). Headache accompanies with abnormal sensitivity to environment.

ZINCUM – remedy for persons are incapable of mathematics and physics. Pain combines with symptom of «restless legs».


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ARGENTUM NITRICUM – lack of coordination, fear of high places, open spaces.

CACTUS – vertigo with a sense of strong compression of the head.

CHINA – vertigo causes anemia after bleeding, long-term illnesses. General weakness.

CONIUM – vertigo which suffers old age person. It increased by moving head or turning in bed.

GELSEMIUM – vertigo happens sudden and strong.

GLONOINUM – vertigo associated with trembling, lack of coordination, coldness of the body. Low blood pressure.

HELLEBORUS – vertigo with nausea and vomiting.

TABACUM – migraine in the form of attacks accompanies with nausea, vomiting, salivation.


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ALLIUM CEPA – convulsive painful cough (whooping cough). Cough provokes by irritation in the throat.

ALUMINA – chronic dry cough (lasts for years), worse in the morning.

ARNICA – painful, spasmodic dry cough, with sensation of chest injuries.

ARSENICUM ALBUM – night cough with anxiety (especially in the 1-3a.m.).

BARIUM MURIATICUM – cough provoke by tingling of throat, hoarseness.

BROMUM – cough with scanty sputum, loss of voice, better in the seaside.

BRYONIA ALBA – painful cough (usually during pleurisy), constipation, thirst.

CAPSICUM – cough from irritating of throat, burning of mucous membranes. Bitter test of sputum.

CAUSTICUM – cough with sense of «an open wound» in the chest. Inability to evacuate sputum.

CHAMOMILLA – cough provokes by anger and fear.

CHELIDONEUM – cough in the form of attacks with small expectoration.

CINA – cough with a pale face, abdominal pain, swollen lymphatic nodes (whooping cough).

CUPRUM METALLICUM – spastic cough causes dark-blue face, cramps and vomiting (whooping cough).

DROSERA – cough in the form of attacks, from irritation of the larynx (whooping cough, false croup).

IODUM – cough with suffocation, difficult expectoration.

KALIUM CARBONICUM – cough with a sharp stabbing pain, suffocation. Worse 3-4a.m., sputum with cheese flavor.

MELILOTUS – cough with the sensation of breathlessness, tight clothing.

NAJA – cough as a symptom of heart diseases.

NATRIUM MURIATICUM – cough with sadness, discouragement. Desire for salt.

SAMBUCUS – cough with spasm of the glottis, fear, suffocation (whooping cough).

TUBERCULINUM – permanent cough, with sweating, exhaustion, intermittent fever.


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ALLIUM CEPA – cough with abundant expectoration and wheezing, lacrimation.

AMMONIUM CARBONICUM – cough with lots of phlegm and wheezing, worse at 3a.m.

ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM – cough with abundance of expectoration, inability to evacuate phlegm, the threat of suffocation.

BORAX – cough accompanies with accumulation of mucus in the bronchi, the impurity red blood in the sputum.

EUPHRASIA – cough with wheezing, abundant phlegm, runny nose and inflammation of the eyes.

IPECACUANHA – cough easily goes into vomiting, often with impurity of red blood.

NATRIUM SULFURICUM – painful cough, with loud, heavy wheezing.


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BERBERIS – sharp attack of pain, better from bent forward. Jaundice, bitter taste in the mouth.

CHELIDONEUM – sharp pain irradiates from the right subcostal region to back.

MELILOTUS – biliary colic with headache, redness of the face.


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ALLIUM CEPA – babies colic with irritation of the rectum.

ALOE – intense pain around the navel, rumbling in the stomach, worse after eating.

CINA – pain locates in the navel region. Worms.

COLOCYNTHIS – pain in the form of attacks, better from compression of the abdomen (bent forward), after a resentment, anger, food’s poisoning. Infant’s colic.

DROSERA – abdominal pain associates with cough, dyspnea.

MAGNESIUM PHOSPHORICUM – pain improves from heat and pressure on the abdomen. Infant’s colic.

NATRIUM CARBONICUM – intestine colic provokes by milk, vegetable food, in the hot weather.

NUX VOMICA – abdominal pain with constipation, feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating.

PLATINA – pain follows with a stool likes putty sticks. Worms.

PLUMBUM – intestine colic accompanies with a sensation of being drawn into the abdomen.

RHUS – abdominal pain with bloating, severe thirst, dry tongue with red tip.

STANNUM – intestine colic improves from pressure on the stomach region, worse from the smell of food.


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BERBERIS – pain on the left side, with the deterioration of the slightest shake of the body.

CANTHARIS – pain associates with constant urge to urinate and burning of bladder.

LYCOPODIUM – right side colic, with red sediment in the urine.

TABACUM – colic with fainting, cold sweats, nausea, pallor.

TARENTULA – pain with restlessness, retention of urine.

URTICA – colic with bladder irritation. Salts and blood are present in urine.


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ACONITUM – sudden bleeding with bright-red blood.

AMMONIUM CARBONICUM – bleeding with dark, long folding blood.

ARNICA – bleeding after injury with hemorrhages, bruises.

CACTUS – bleeding with rapid formation of clots and abundance. It accompanies with a sense of constriction or compression body with a rope.

CARBO VEGETABILIS – slowly dark-red bleeding associates with cold body and a burning sensation.

CHAMOMILLA – bleeding more often from the uterus, the blood is dark. It accompanies by hysteria, anger.

CHINA – chronic bleeding with dark-red blood. Anemia, weakness.

DROSERA – epistaxis follows by nasal discharges or cough.

FERRUM – bleeding with bright-red blood, released copious flow. Iron deficiency anemia.

HAMAMELIS – bleeding with dark-red blood. Weakness does not correspond to blood loss.

IPECACUANHA – bleeding with bright-red blood, delivers by portions. Bleeding more often from stomach, intestine, uterus.

KREOSOTUM – bleeding from mucous membranes, contact bleeding.

LACHESIS – bleeding follows by blood diseases. Subcutaneous hemorrhages.

MELILOTUS – profuse, sudden, bright-red blood bleeding.

PHOSPHORUS – bleeding with bright-red blood clotting. Anemia.

SABINA – uterine, hemorrhoids, urinary tract bleedings. Blood is bright-red color and fluid.

SECALE CORNUTUM – dark-red blood slowly bleeding, mostly from uterus.


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APIS – the threat of suppuration, swelling, burning, stabbing pain, pale-purple color of skin.

CARBO VEGETABILIS – cold skin and body, chronic suppuration. Inflammation process migrates all over the body. Sepsis.

ECHINACEA – chronic suppuration processes without tendency to recovery.

HEPAR SULFURIS – easy appears abscess (from any injury). Inflammation also provokes by cold contact. Burning in place of purulent inflammation.

MERCURIUS – abscess with the rapid formation of pus.

PETROLEUM – suffocation of any wounds (fear of hurt).

PHYTOLACCA – purulent mastitis, abscesses of the lymphatic nodes.

SACCHARUM – slowly progressed suppuration, no tendency to reparation and healing.

SILICEA – chronic persistent purulent inflammation with small quality of pus, easy develops commissures. Fear of cold.

SULFUR – abscess after slightest injury, multiple inflammations. Burning, itching. Unwillingness to wash, carelessness.


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ACONITUM – unbearable, sharp pain with numbness and anxiety.

CAUSTICUM – strong, lightning, severe pains, including facial nerves.

CHINA – outcome of neuralgia are exhaustion and anemia.

CIMICIFUGA – neuralgia: ciliary, intercostal, lumbago. Usually left side of the body.

COFFEA – toothache, neuralgia of trigeminal nerve.

COLOCYNTHIS – neuralgia with pains along the nerves, sensation of «strong burst». Sciatica. Neuralgia appears after resentment, anger. Amelioration from external pressure.

HYPERICUM – pain along the nerve after injury. Sciatica, pain after tooth extraction, phantom pain.

LACHESIS – neuralgia trigeminal and facial nerve, usually left side, worse after sleep, alcohol, touch, heat.

MAGNESIUM PHOSPHORICUM – neuralgia with very local, sharp pain. Aggravation from cold, amelioration from hot applications.

PLATINA – neuralgia accompanies with cramps and numbness. Pain irradiates to bones.

PLUMBUM – with pain along the nerve plexus, muscle atrophy. Pain follows with numbness, paralysis.

RUTA – persistent, recurrent neuralgia, worse from cold, lying down. Sciatica, aggravated by going to bed.

RHUS – sciatica, «start pain» (at the beginning of the movement). Mostly left side of the body.

SPIGELIA – neuralgia various location, with strabismus, drooping eyelids.

STANNUM – neuralgia with shooting pains, cramps, convulsions, twitching.

VALERIANA – neuralgia with sharp, jerking pains as from electric shock. Pain in the face and teeth.

ZINCUM METALLICUM – neuralgia with trembling, paralysis, weakness.


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ACONITUM – high temperature suddenly appears, accompanies with fear, throwing, redness of face, frequent, hard pulse, thirst. Fever often happens after staying in the cold wind.

BELLADONNA – very high temperature with severe headache, panic, desire to run outdoor. Fever causes convulsions, twitching (in children).

BRYONIA – burning heat, redness of the face, dry tongue, thirst. Delusion: seems that body divided into separate parts. Prostration.

GELSEMIUM – fever causes shivering, feeling of intoxication, weakness, paralysis, trembling.


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AGARICUS – diarrhea with severe burning and pain in the rectum.

ALOE – diarrhea with gushing of thin, yellow, offensive faces, more often in the morning. Anus is sore, burning. Abdomen is distended with gas, there is very difficult to hold the stool. Diarrhea happens immediately after eating and drinking.

AMMONIUM CARBONICUM – diarrhea during menstruation.

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM – diarrhea alternates with constipation. A thick white coating covers the tongue. Food’s poisoning especially summer time.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM – diarrhea from worry, anxiety, fear.

CALCIUM CARBONICUM – chronic diarrhea, worse from milk.

CAMPHORA – non-stop diarrhea causes exhaustion, coldness of the body, cramps (food poisoning, dysentery, salmonellosis). Faces looks as a «cooked rice».

CANTHARIS – diarrhea with blood and mucus, urinary disorders (dysentery).

CHAMOMILLA – diarrhea accompanies with teething in children, fetid stool.

CHINA – diarrhea causes by chronic malnutrition and anemia.

DULCAMARA – diarrhea of infants. Changeable, yellow, slimy, undigested stool. Diarrhea is more often in the close of the summer.

MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS – Slimy, bloody stools with much straining. Violent urging to stool (dysentery). Swelling of the tongue (with imprint of the teeth).

NATRIUM SULFURICUM – acute and chronic diarrhea. Plenty of gas bloats in the intestine, rumbling in the stomach.

PODOPHYLLUM – diarrhea with frequent, copious, watery, offensive smelling stools.

SECALE – diarrhea accompanies with thirst and exhaustion, dark-red blood in the stool.

SULFUR – diarrhea begins early in the morning after getting up.

THUJA – diarrhea provokes by much drinking or dampness atmosphere.

VERATRUM ALBUM – diarrhea accompanies with weakness, fear, cold sweat, cold body, palpitation.

INJURY (Physical):

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ARNICA – injures of soft tissue with a blunt object. Great bodily soreness.

APIS – combustion (burn) with large blisters and strong edema.

CONIUM – trauma of head (shock of brain), injures of spinal cord, coccyx, breast.

CANTHARIS – combustion (burn) with small, very painful blisters.

ECHINACEA – wounds without tendency to healing and adhesion.

HYPERICUM – nerve damage, trauma of spine, coccyx.

LEDUM – penetrates deep punctured wound.

RHUS – damage of ligaments and tendons with chronic pain.

RUTA – overexertion of muscles, tendons, eyes (amblyopia).

SILICEA – bad effects of brain injury (surgery).

STAPHYSAGRIA – long lasting pain of incised wound (including after operation).

URTICA – combustion (burn) with severe burning and itching.


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LEDUM – mosquito bite with unusual redness, swelling, stinging. Bites become large and irritating.

APIS – bee stings with a severe redness, swelling, Quincke’s edema, high temperature, allergic shock.


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BORAX – fear to fall down or get down downward.

PETROLEUM – intolerance to the smell of exhaust gas.

TABACUM – nausea and vomiting, cold sweat in the pale face, fainting.


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BERBERIS – anemia with fatigue, sudden pallor. Anemia followed by kidney stones, gout.

CALCIUM PHOSPHORICUM – anemia in person characterized by thinness, high growth, frequent colds infections.

CHINA – anemia after repeated bleeding. General exhaustion, prostration, chills.

FERRUM METALLICUM – iron-deficiency anemia. Pale face combined with blush cheeks.

KALIUM CARBONICUM – anemia accompanies with general weakness, paleness, swelling of the legs and upper eyelids.

NATRIUM MURIATICUM – anemia in person characterized by sadness, loss of weight, desire for salt.

PHOSPHORUS – anemia in person which has artistic natures. Tendency to bleeding.

SABINA – anemia after uterine bleeding, abortion, childbirth.

SECALE CORNUTUM – anemia accompanies with exhaustion, weakness, convulsions.

TUBERCULINUM – anemia in person characterized with weakness, periodic fever, frequent cold infections.

ZINCUM METALLICUM – anemia with trembling, restlessness in the legs, weakness, convulsions.


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AESCULUS – varicose of legs, throat. Hemorrhoids. Retinal veins damage (microangiopathy). Trophic ulcer of legs.

ALOE – varicose of legs. Hemorrhoids. Venous stasis, bleeding of dark-red blood.

CACTUS – varicose of legs. Hemorrhoids. Insufficiency of venous valves.

CALCIUM FLUORICUM – varicose with the formation of vein knots. Vascular tumor (hemangioma).

CAPSICUM – varicose of veins, coldness of legs, but the skin is red, the expansion of the capillaries. Burning sensation.

CARBO ANIMALIS – varicose of veins all over the body. Varicose complicated by inflammation (phlebitis).

FERRUM METALLICUM – varicose of veins accompanied by a surge. Dilated blood vessels of the skin or mucous membranes (spider veins – telangiectasis). Anemia.

HAMAMAELIS – varicose of veins all over the body: legs, throat, esophagus, the external genitalia. Varicocele, hemorrhoids. Painful veins. Trophic ulcers.

LACHESIS – varicose of veins usually left side of the body. Bluish-purple color of skin, phlebitis, trophic ulcers.

LYCOPODIUM – varicose of veins usually right side of the body. It combines with liver and gastro-intestinal disorders.

PULSATILLA – varicose of veins combines with menstrual cycle disorders, liver’s symptoms.

SABINA – phlebitis, hemorrhoids with bleeding.

SULFUR – varicose of veins: severe burning, itching, trophic ulcers.


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AMBRA GRISEA – menopause associates with air regurgitation, numbness, dryness of skin.

APIS – menopause with hot flashes all over the body, desire for cool atmosphere. Swelling. Pathologic jealousy.

AURUM METALLICUM – climax causes sadness, depression, hypertension.

CAMPHORA – menopause with hot flashes to face and chest, although abdomen and extremities stills cold.

FERRUM METALLICUM – menopause associates with anemia and abnormal endometrial bleedings.

FOLLICULINUM – menopause complicated by osteoporosis, fibrocystic breast disease. Frustration because psychological pressing of personality.

GLONOINUM – menopause with palpitation, low blood pressure.

LACHESIS – typical climacteric hot flashes, intolerance of hot, sun bright, close wear around neck. Worse after sleep, better from any bleeding, including abnormal uterine.

LILIUM TIGRINUM – menopause associated with cardiovascular disorders.

MELILOTUS – menopause с feeling of close wear all over the body, better from nasal or uterine bleeding.

SABINA – menopause with abnormal uterine bleedings, anemia.

SULFUR – menopause associated with various skin eruptions, boils, acne. Psychological disorders: speculation, talkativeness, untidiness.


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ACONITUM – hypertension crisis, angina pectoris with red face, fear, hard rapid pulse, need for motion.

AMMONIUM CARBONICUM – palpitation with general weakness and dyspnea.

ANACARDIUM – angina pectoris: «double short pain» in the heart region.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM – palpitation associates with anxiety, agitation.

ARNICA – heart muscle hypertrophy due sport or (and) hypertension. Fatigue after physical overwork.

ARSENICUM ALBUM – angina pectoris: attack 1-3a.m. with fear of death.

AURUM METALLICUM – hypertension and angina pectoris. Redness of face, palpitation. Sadness, depression.

CACTUS – angina pectoris: severe pains with pressing of heart. Numbness of left arm, dyspnea. Aggravation from any slight motion.

CALCIUM CARBONICUM – easy appears palpitation and dyspnea.

CARBO VEGETABILIS – serious condition, coldness of the body (but desire of cold air), chronic heart failure, dyspnea, thready pulse, Hippocratic face.

CIMICIFUGA – heart rheumatism, joint’s pathology, often angina.

DIGITALIS – Bradycardia (a resting heart rate of under 60 beats per minute), arrhythmia. Dyspnea, cyanosis (appearance of a blue or purple coloration of the skin) of face, lips, nails. Fear as heart is going to stop (better motionless).

FOLLICULINUM – cardiovascular diseases in the climacteric period.

GELSEMIUM – arrhythmia with fear as heart is going to stop (better from motion).

GLONOINUM – palpitation from any physical efforts, irregular pulse, congestion of head, headache. Low blood pressure, vertigo, fainting spell.

IGNATIA – palpitation and heartache after stress.

IODUM – palpitation, heart arrhythmia. Toxic goiter, lack of weight.

KALIUM CARBONICUM – heart arrhythmia, swelling of legs, anemia. Angina pectoris with sharp pain. The feeling that «the heart is hanging by a thread».

LILIUM TIGRINUM – angina pectoris, feeling spasm in the heart, palpitation during menopause or gynecologic disorders.

NAJA – heart valve’s defect, palpitation, arrhythmia, angina pectoris. Low blood pressure.

RHUS – angina pectoris, numbness of left arm. Hypertrophy of myocardium.

SPIGELIA – severe palpitation, worse in the left side. Feeling of «trembling» in the heart. Sharp pain from least motion.

TABACUM – angina pectoris, pain and spasm in the throat. Fainting spell, weakness, nausea, pale face, cold sweet.

TARENTULA – angina pectoris, palpitation, dyspnea. Restless legs and arms.


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ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM – arthritis: joints are pale and cold, edema. Aggravation from wet cold.

BRYONIA ALBA – arthritis complicated with bursitis (inflammation of small sacs of synovial fluid). Aggravation comes on after taking cold. Worse from motion, better from immobilization.

CACTUS – arthritis with sensation as if the joint will «pull the rope».

DROSERA – arthritis: pain as if after injury.

DULCAMARA – arthritis with dull pain, redness of skin, swelling of joint. Worse during weather changes from warmth to cold.

KALIUM IODATUM – polyarthritis: severe sharp pains, fever. Exudation (enlarged quality) of synovial fluid inside big joints.

KALIUM MURIATICUM – arthritis with acute, sharp, violent pains. Joint’s stiffness, swelling, cracking. Better from walking.

LEDUM – arthritis with pain and swelling, without heat and redness of skin. Better from cold application, worse from warmth applications and motion.

MEDORRHINUM – arthritis: sensation as if joint dislocated. Pain, stiffness, burning. Joints inflammation follows after gonorrhea infection.

NATRIUM SULFURICUM – arthritis of left hip joint.

PETROLEUM – arthritis with cracking, pains, stiffness, usually the ankle-joint or mandibular joint. Dislocation of legs joints.

PHYTOLACCA – arthritis dues rheumatic process, gout. Aggravation night time, damp and cold weather.

PULSATILLA – arthritis with migratory pain, moving from joint to joint.

RHUS – arthritis starts after taking a cold, damp weather, overtraining. Pain in the beginning of motion, decreasing with the continuation.

URTICA – arthritis with pain and skin urticarial eruption around joint.


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APIS – anger associates with jealousy.

CHAMOMILLA – anger caused by emotional trauma, contradiction, pains, injustice. Hard children’s teething. Intolerance of any pain.

COLOCYNTHIS – physical and mental disorders caused by attack of anger (for example intestine colic, sciatica, neuralgia, headache, diarrhea etc.).

HEPAR SULFURIS – attacks of anger. Egoism, sadness, reticence, gloominess. Alcoholism. Increased sensitivity to pain.

OPIUM – anger causes cramps, diarrhea, uterine bleeding or delay of menstruation.

SADNESS (depression):

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AURUM – the love of living perverted to aversion to life. Depression of spirits. The future looks dark. Unusual responsibility. Meditation upon death, upon suicide.

BROMUM – apathy, aversion of duties, work, everyday activity combined with anxiety. The bright color of skin and eyes, blond.

IODIUM – taciturnity, sleepiness, insufficient of life power. Lack of weight. Dark color of hair, eye, skin.

NAJA – delusion: feeling worthless, unwanted, persecuted. Thoughts of suicide. Depression combines with heart diseases.

NATRUIM SULFURICUM – sadness, grief, over sensitiveness for music.


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AESCULUS – irritability with poor memory, aversion to work.

CIMICIFUGA – irritability, changeable mood of life, fear to became mad. Premenstrual syndrome. Intolerance of hungry.

COLOCYNTHIS – chronic irritability, dissatisfaction with the own and everybody’s affairs. Colic (pains) especially in the abdomen after attack of anger or resentment.

HEPAR SULFURIS – attacks of irritability, demanding to others, selfish ambition. Cold infections, purulent processes.

IODIUM – irritability mixed with anxiety, lack of patient. Impulse actions.

KALIUM MURIATICUM – irritability with grief, anxiety, nightmares.

KREOSOTUM – irritability with dissatisfaction of life, vagaries. Palpitation, crying, trembling.

LYCOPODIUM – irritability from everything, desire to command, egoism.

MAGNESIUM PHOSPHORICUM – irritability from mental work. Spasms of muscles, neurogenic urine bladder.

MEDORRHINUM – irritability, haste, anxiety, night terrors. Familiar people and things seem strange. Time goes very slowly.

NUX VIMICA – morning sadness. Fatigue, exhausted by every day duties.

SEPIA – irritability in person characterized by desire of a career, loss of interest in sex, loss of a sense of beauty.

STAPHYSAGRIA – irritability from injustice, resentment, sexual abuse.

TARENTULA – irritability, intolerance to expectations. Syndrome of «anxiety extremities».


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ACONITUM – acute and chronic fears. Fear of death, illness, much crowded people, strong wind, future. Fear aggravates from pain, hypertension, fever. Physical disorders follow by acute fear.

ANACARDIUM – fear with persecution mania. Desire to swear. The alternation of opposite senses, the dichotomy of will and mind.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM – fear of high places, open spaces.

ARNICA – fear to get injury.

ARSENICUM ALBUM – fear of death, disease, destroy of planes, chaos, disorders in life. Acute fear at 1-3a.m.

BORAX – fear to fell down.

CACTUS – fear of death associates with angina pectoris, dyspnea.

CALCIUM CARBONICUM – fear of bankrupts, misfortune, bad lack. Apathy, indifference.

CAMPHORA – fear accompanies with angry, spasms, cramps.

CARBO ANIMALIS – fear follow for serious permanent progressive disease.

DIGITALIS – fear that heart is going to stop (better from immobility), will die, associated with cardiovascular disorders.

GELSEMIUM – fear that heart is going to stop (better from moving). Fear to speak before unknown auditory, fear of future, events, exams, childbirth.

MEDORRHINUM – fear of darkness, strangers.

NAJA – fear of rain.

PHOSPHORUS – fear of rainstorm, hurricane, electricity, dogs, death, illness.

PLATINA – irrational fear without reason.

SACCHARUM – fear disappointed in love, less beloved people.

VERATRUM – fear of death, desire to run outdoor.


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COFFEA – the consequences of unexpected stress, even positive. Experiences without serious reasons.

GELSEMIUM – spasm and pain after stress. Great excitement prior to the event.

IGNATIA – all sufferings started after stress or emotional shock.

NAJA – feeling superfluous, void after stress. Organic heart diseases.

NATRIUM MURIATICUM – delay of menses after stress.

NUX VOMICA – cruelty, desire of leadership in response to stress.

PHYTOLACCA – beginning of inflammation, suppuration after stress.

STANNUM – mental and physical exhaustion (fatigue) after stress.

STAPHYSAGRIA – sexual problems, impotence after stress.

TUBERCULINUM – migraine after stress.

URTICA – urticarial eruption, various allergies after stress.