Clinic01Homeopathic clinics and pharmacies Popov № 1, Street Garmatna 21/30 (District station “Shulyavka”) Homeopathic clinics and pharmacies Popov number 2, Street Builders 30 (District station “Darnitsa”) Health centers and pharmacies are located in new premises made on individual projects, have parking for cars. Homeopathic medical consultations are held for all family members. We have doctors in different directions, but specializing in non-traditional therapies, especially homeopathy. Our doctors and other professionals are provided in “doctor.” Information about the possibility of homeopathic treatment of various diseases is in the “treatment.” The clinic conducted a survey of patients in Modern diagnostic equipment. The big advantage is the integration of clinics and pharmacies. So that patients have the opportunity to immediately after the consultation to get the necessary medicines. But the main advantage of the association is to unified control and management of the manufacturing process of drugs and operation of homoeopaths. In this community of doctors and pharmacists allows for smooth and error-free operation. That such an approach is needed for effective treatment.

Clinic04DRUGS manufactures a classic method S.GANEMANA, including special LM-POTENCY. Continues to expand the range of monocomponent homeopathic remedies, information can be obtained from the head of the pharmacy. Section natural products enriched by cosmetics “Green Line.” Trade department pharmacy accepts orders without advance payment. Basis for the production of homeopathic remedies (fit, mother tincture) are tincture of German firms “Stauffen-Pharma”, “DHU”, French “Boiron”, “Dolisos”, Swiss “Homoosana”. In addition, there are over the counter homeopathic complex domestic and foreign producers (Russia, France, Germany).

Manufactures its integrated pharmacy medicines for bezretseptnoy sale (see “Pharmacy”). In the sales area there are also herbal drugs, cosmetics, the popular and scientific literature, reference books on homeopathy.

Clinic03All visitors of the present – a book about the Kyiv School of homeopathic and “Lectures on omeopatii.” Homeopathy, as an independent method of treatment, at the time of its creation S. Hahnemann was a full-fledged branch of medical practice. Unfortunately, in the modern world, including Ukraine, homeopathy mainly exists as paramedicine. Many of her followers do not have medical training, a medical doctor and can afford to conduct counseling, not bothering to inspection and examination of the patient. Founder of the Kiev School of Homeopathic Damian V. Popov never tired of repeating that the medicine is one, emphasizing the role of general medical knowledge, the values ​​of the diagnosis and prognosis of the disease to anyone, including homeopathy.

Clinic05Treatment of many diseases and acute conditions with homeopathy can only afford a professional homeopath, who works in a modern out-patient department. Analyzing the historical experience of creating and working homeopathic clinics, starting with the first homeopathic hospitals in Germany (Leipzig, 1833), ending the history of the Moscow Homeopathic Hospital (1980), to the following squad: to work effectively to a reasonable combination of homeopathy and conventional medicine practices in the walls single hospital. We try to provide treatment of various diseases, so focus on experienced physicians, primarily specializing in homeopathic treatment. And doctors of alternative medicine, pediatricians, internists, cardiologists, gynecologists, medical ultrasound, clinical laboratory technicians. The clinic homeopathic pharmacy to meet the needs of patients and physicians in homeopathic medicines, herbal medicine, drugs of conventional medicine. Homeopathic Clinic – this clinic using homeopathic treatment, in combination with modern medical diagnosis and monitoring of disease.


Its objectives are to:

1. Homeopathic treatment of chronic and acute disease with a number of modern methods of diagnosis and recovery criteria (laboratory studies, diagnostic ultrasound, ECG, etc.).

2. Consultation by specialists for correction, including the reduction or withdrawal of the conventional medicines and treatments with a successful homeopathic treatment.

3. Organization Consilium clinical specialists in difficult cases.

4. Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, including homeopathic criteria.

5. Monitoring of the development of children.

6. Scientific work in the field of clinical homeopathy.

7. Popularization of homeopathy in the population, as well as the organization of courses and workshops for professionals.     Clinic09

Medical services at the clinic:

– Consultation with Homeopathy

– Consultation of family doctors

– Consulting Pediatrician

– Consultation of a cardiologist

– Consultation of gynecologist

– Ultrasound diagnostics (device expert class, 3D, record images on a flash drive or CD): The thyroid gland, mammary gland, gynecology (definition of pregnancy, fetal screening on any terms), urology, abdomen, soft tissue, joints.

– ECG DIAGNOSIS (+ computer analysis concluded cardiologist, writing data to a flash drive or CD).

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