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History of Homeopathy in Ukraine (Foreword)

The history of homeopathy in Ukraine deserves careful examination. Let’s hope that in the future there will be enough time and inspiration for this work. We must perform it correctly, convincingly in scientific terms, to indicate the original sources. We should verify the information and to describe the opinion of various authors. No doubt that […]

A. Popov: the History of homeopathy in Ukraine Part 3 (modern history)

Modern history of homeopathy in Ukraine With the first trend of “perestroika” the Ukrainian homeopathy has made an important step forward, which has yet to be adequately evaluated and studied by historians. It is the foundation of a first homeopathic clinic for outcome patents. Furthermore 1989-1994 the Center of Homeopathy existed by the patronage of Ministry […]

А. Popov: History of Homeopathy in Ukraine part 2 (during bolsheviks and soviet power)

Homeopathy in the Ukraine During the Terror of the Bolsheviks and Soviet Power Contrary to popular belief, the Bolsheviks are not directly banned homeopathy. But the Soviet government has created unacceptable conditions for the homeopathic pharmacies and the work of the homeopaths. Short period of New economic policy (NEP) has created certain illusions about the revival […]

Anton Popov: History of homeopathy in Ukraine part 1 (before revolution)

Homeopathy in Ukraine in the pre-revolutionary period In the late XIX – early XX century in Ukraine already existed homeopathic society – in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Poltava, Chernigov, Yalta and Feodosiya. Published homeopathic journal “Bulletin of homeopathic medicine” (1900-1913). Established homeopathic pharmacy, first in Kiev (1888), then in Odessa and Kharkiv. Functioned outpatent clinic, there […]

HISTORY: Tatiana D. Popova


Tatiana D. Popova was born in Kirovograd town, in Ukraine on 15 September 1930. In 1955 she graduated from the Kiev Medical University and since 1956 has started her practice, first as a surgeon and then as a homeopath, following to her father. As a result to her enthusiasm and enormous energy she became Chief […]

HISTORY: Damian V. Popov


„Medical art is similar to love. That is voluntary and cheerful self-sacrifice to a patient.” “Memory and thought are miracle. Keep them clean – their contamination brings on sufferings.” Demjan Vladimirovich Popov Demian V. Popov was born in Haponovka village of Poltava area in Ukraine on 13 November 1899, in the peasant family. He attended […]