One of the prerequisites for homeopathic physician the founder of homeopathy S. Hahnemann considered “the elimination of obstacles for recovery”. It had in the form an elimination of different external influences in order not to interfere with the process of recovery under the action of the correctly selected homeopathic drug. Following its recommendations, many contemporary homoeopathists put on their patients to severe limitations, forbidding to them alcohol, coffee, strong tea, smoking, food stimulators, cosmetic and cleaning substances. This list includes all chemical drugs, hormones, antibiotics, herb’s preparations. Therefore homeopathic patients deprived everyday dishes and kind of foods of contemporary civilization.

In order to understand the sources of this phenomenon let us quote the ultimate sources: “… From the vegetables it is forbidden: horseradish, turnip, garlic, celery, bow, radish, parsley. As well as sorrel, asparagus, mustard, fungi, tomatoes, all acids vegetables, lettuce and damp verdure. From the meat dishes is not permitted to use pork, the fat, barking, smoked sturgeon, veal, turkey, weft, goose-flesh, sausage, liver, pies…”

Some homeopathic doctors acquired by the finished prescription forms, on which are previously printed the prohibitions and warnings for the patient. Unfortunately, and failures in the treatment sometimes are explained by the nonobservance of dietetic orders. Because of this approach “the myth about the homeopathic diet” solidly took root in the consciousness of many patients and doctors. This myth mostly more is supported by homoeopathists, who thoughtlessly transferred in our time idea from XVIII century.

On the matter itself the founder of homeopathy attempted to safeguard patient from “in all, which can have medicinal influence”. In this sense it is worthwhile to mention about the fact that in Hahnemann’s times even young beef was considered medicine…

Let us attempt to be dismantled at this question. Well known the fact that itself Hahnemann smoked pipe during almost entire his life, he regularly allowed for himself light beer, and with the appearance of guests at the table appeared wine. At first its practice it hostilely related to the coffee, considering that it removes the action of homeopathic medicines, then in the significant measure it changed its point of view. It is similar to other geniuses, after outdistancing its time, it worried about the means of the life of people, the necessary physical culture, the regime of day, the hygiene of dwellings, etc, considering as the their important conditions for the maintenance of health.

After two centuries since homeopathy was founded a quantity of adverse effects on the man immeasurably grew. All they not only contribute to the development of disease, but also hamper treatment. How it is possible to exclude the environmental pollution and most usual foodstuffs? How to avoid drug and information pollution? Today it is difficult to find man, who did not assume antibiotics, analgesics, it did not undergo vaccination. Against this background homeopathy had to cease to work. But it exists because of the correctness of its methodology – the search for individual medicine.  Prolonged practice makes it possible to dethrone this “myth about the homeopathic diet”: homeopathic medicines are capable of acting in the mixture with alcohol or the coffee, after X-ray and electromagnetic irradiation, dissolution in the sea water, together with intensive allopathic therapy. Of course I never specially made such experiments. But diet for me in the true understanding of this word (in the translation from the Greek language – “the means of life”) is the important part of the medical practice.

It goes without saying, is the diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, сoeliac disease (intolerance of the protein of gramineous plants), the intolerance of the protein of cow’s milk, allergic diseases and other, which require the observance of the developed by general medicine standards of nourishment. But also in this case diet must be individual, taking into account habits, predilection, the ethnic special features of patient. At first one should be dismantled that it stands after the so-called “harmful habits” of man. Corrosion, coffee and food stimulators, alcohol, narcotics (or medicines) can be the combat means with the depression, fulfill the function of contact, belonging social group, be means of self expression, protection, ritual actions. To the harmful habits can be attributed “work overtime”, ride in the transport, conversations on the cell phone or sleep before the television set.

One should consider that the dietetic limitations by some people are received as encroachment of their freedom. But the limitation of freedom is capable of causing a whole series of psychological problems. It is difficult to force itself to assume that food, which it does not want, and is not less complicated to forbid to itself the desired dish.

I do not want to comment on the numerous forms of diets. Together with the undoubted merits each of them has only that deficiency, that it cannot approach by all. Select for itself that, which on the soul and compulsorily verify in the practice. Each person sets up on himself daily experiments on the nourishment. The confused use of food products, their forgery and spoiling indicates inadequate relation to nature. I attempt to learn patient “to negotiate with the food”, to understand my own organism, but not to blindly entrust to scientific literature on the dietetics.  It is not possible to visualize nourishment, only as the certain “technical process”, determined by a quantity of calories, by the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins , etc, at least because nature does not have technogenic origin. From my point of view the best scientific labor on questions of diet is called “culinary book”.

During the homeopathic treatment it is not possible to abolish the vitally necessary for the patient medicines. It is not possible to immediately remove the means of the supporting therapy, their cancellation will cause a whole series of changes in the health of patient, that erroneously it is possible to carry due to homeopathy. Having only ascertained that homeopathy “works”, it is possible under the control of doctor to decrease the dosage or to abolish the previous treatment.

Thus, the fulfillment of dietetic recommendations is not an indispensable condition for homeopathic treatment, but makes the therapy by more effective and more reliable. The most necessary recommendations are:

  • To assume medicine on an empty stomach (not less than 15 minutes prior to the consumption of food).
  • 1 hour to even 1 hour after the ingestion of homeopathic medicine not to use coffee, alcohol, strong tea, other drugs, food additives, not to smoke, not to use a tooth paste with the chemical ingredients.
  • To resorbs medicine in the mouth (usually there are grains on the milk sugar).
  • It is desirable not to concern medicine by hands, but to use a cover from the packing.
  • To store medicine in the dry place, out of the straight sunlight, in the closed container, separately from the strongly reeking substances, the cleaning, cosmetic agents and the chemical preparations.

However, as far as more detailed recommendations are concerned, their fulfillment is determined by capability for self-organizing of patient. In the ideal these are failure of the smoking, and excess alcohol, low-grade products, the use of a natural cosmetic, clothing and tooth paste. By the low-grade I imply the products, repeatedly subjected to hot working and freezing, the containing preservatives, the stabilizers, which color substances. But also food, the so-called rapid preparation. By other words, the task of doctor is the instruction of patient in deferential attitude to itself, through respect for food, different kind to stimulators and to alcohol. Since indiscriminate relation to these things frequently indicates devil-may-care relation to the life. But the presence of its own taste is the reflection of its own opinion.

During the homeopathic treatment the diet is selected conscientiously by patient and doctor, and this selection bears the same individual nature as the selection of medicine. Desire or intolerance of different products, and also climatic conditions frequently serve for the doctor- homoeopathist as prompt for the designation of therapy. From other side, after determining the constitutional type of patient, homoeopathist can give to it recommendations regarding a change in the means of life, being guided by information, obtained from homeopathic pharmacology. Thus, the essence of dietetic recommendations during the homeopathic treatment is determined by the knowledge of the constitutional special features of man, by the personal experience of doctor and by his ability to understand the essence of disease.

Speaking about the diet, and in the wide sense of word about the means of life, should be noted one additional important aspect. The frequently successfully assigned homeopathic medicine removes the pathologic need for the sweet, the salt, coffee, is normalized appetite. Decreases or disappears the need for “harmful habits”, is located time for the selection of the suitable products, occupations by sport, by skill, come the correct solutions “insoluble” problems.

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